Memories of past

i sing songs in bits and pieces in my head,
everytime I see you.
sometimes, it is a poetry in my head,
and sometimes, it is a slow romantic song from a popular bollywood movie.
so, when you let go of your inhibitions, maybe we can dance to those tunes. i tried.
to not, play music in my head,
to not, build castles made out of conversations that never happened,
to not, jump into a hole, without thinking once,
to not, write words for you that wouldn’t fit in one page.
but, it happened.
it was like a flow of the river,
which doesn’t stop,
to check what it is taking along with it.
it was like closing your eyes,
and falling asleep,
it was like,
our fingers,
fitting in place, in the gaps, between them.
you, on the other hand,
saw us like two people,
who are the light at the end of the tunnel,
for each other.
made strings of memories,
out of our conversations,
to keep our sparks alive.
you and i,
had something.
it was everything,
that shouldn’t have been there,
you and i,
were two people,
who had a story,
that did not have the option of an always.


Wow. :heart:

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This piece of poetry is become close to my heart bcoz past memories never gonna die!



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Hmmm thank you

Life is