Memories- A Treasure

I am constantly hypnotized by rainfall.

Got engrossed in the sound and sight

Of the sky washing without end

The dust and dirt of the world,

Memories came running, sprinkling

So joyful as a kid

Came pouring in as an appreciated relief

From the stress of my day,

Conditions or individuals

Can take away your material belonging,

They can take away your wealth,

And your wellbeing,


Nobody can ever take away your valuable memories.

So why don’t you,

Keep in mind to set aside a few minutes


Accept open doors to gain experiences each day.

To everything, there is a season

An opportunity to each reason under heaven

© Sheela Joby


Such a thought is always enjoyed in solitude

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when you write memories in such a way then, they becomes beautiful :wink:

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Thank you


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Once again @Sheela_Joby2019 , is here with her awesome work
Nice as always

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Thank you

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