Meet me there! 💕

Remember the day, we met?
The door of the cafe had a board,
Saying, 'Come, fall in love!'

I remember we laughed,
Only about that for hours!
And you said, 'Already.'

Remember, we forgot to order?
Until they gave us a look to just leave,
Saying, 'Are you willing to order yet?'

We then read the entire menu,
And said, they forgot to mention,
'How to fall in love!'

Remember that piece of paper,
You brought along?
Saying, 'We are gonna meet here again.'

I still have that paper,
And I am sitting right here where we were,
Waiting for you to come.

:heart: :heart: :clap:

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Thank you! :heart::heart: @hanjua.di.siyahi

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:heart::heart: @Inked_solace7

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