Me Before You 🖤

Hey, Louisa Clark💕
You know what you are wonderful,
You are a pretty colour of cheerfulness.
When I saw, you were nothing,
But when I saw you with ‘Will’,
You were something else,
Like so happy, magical and sweet.
You were just happy with Patrick,
But with ‘Will’, you were blissful,
Like a rainbow.
Yes, Louisa
You are a Gem,
The way you loved ‘Will’,
Depicts True love exists.
A love without guile, envy & delusion.
You loved his soul,
With all your heart, mind and soul.
You know Louisa,
‘Will’ is with you,
Everytime, Everywhere, Every Moment.
He walks with you,
He is looking for you every second.

One thing more Louisa,
You gave ‘Will’ a reason,
To live and die peacefully.
This made me cry,
That he left,
But I believe that,
He is in hearts and in your dreams.
You are my favourite “Louisa”.
Love will always bloom,
In that pretty castel.
Love will always grow,
In your eyes and smiles.
Love will cherish you,
When you will shine.
Love will kiss you,
When you will miss your love.
Love will be forever,
Untill your last breath.
Love gives you a reason,
To live or to die.

P.S. - I love you.


Love. :heart:

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Yeah :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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