Matters of the heart are not jokes

You can break somone in a moment and it can make them life time to heal. To get over what hurts them. This is true for everyone, for the people you cause harm. when you love someone you just don’t throw it all away. You just don’t go ahead and find another person to hold.To love. You can’t have two lovers at once. You can’t split two lives, two hearts. That’s not how it works. You can’t find the blessed way of life. You are going to find yourself in a bigger mess.It is hard to make things work again. I can agree with you. But please matters of the heart are not a jokes.It can make somone terribly ill. if you lead people on and just go to the next moment of life. It’s not fair.Not for you or anyone. You’re doing more damage than you just assume. Causing more pain than you imagine.Every scar tells a Story And every story leaves a scar. we must remember to be soft hearted.It never decrease your worth or respect.


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