Marry the one who can't imagine themselves without you

When I think about my future, I can’t imagine you not being in it. I can’t imagine you next to anyone moreover it’s so painful to see you with someone else.That’s a feeling way beyond what anyone can imagine. I also can’t imagine facing the day without you right beside me.Can’t imagine you kissing someone else and holding someone else hand other than me.Everytime when your name pops up on my phone i have only one thought running in my mind until when i can see this name popping up on my phone💔.Some people waste their entire lives with the wrong partner and a wrong soulmate. So be thankful that you still have time to spare with me.You’re the love of my life i have been waiting for all these years.Well i must say that girl would be lucky to have you for lifetime in her life.You don’t have to solve your whole life tonight. You just have to show up and try. Focus on the most immediate thing in front of you. You’ll figure out the rest along the way.Love and marry someone who you can’t imagine your life without. Someone with whom you have imagined your future and you see yourself growing up with and someone that makes you want to become a better person.You deserve love, butterflies in your belly and the freedom of fantasizing over the idea of spending the rest of your life next to the one you love.You deserve to be with someone that makes you feel like home and makes you feel like you don’t have to look for someone else, because everything you want is right there.The future might be terrifying, but if you are lucky enough to have someone that makes you feel excited about what is coming next, keep them, take care of their heart and fight for the relationship because every little thing that you do for both of you will be worthy.Not everything is going to be romance and endless kisses.There are going to be difficult days, but the beauty about these trials is that even on the darkest days, you are still going to want to be with them because they are the kind of person that you can’t imagine your life without.The love that you have is going to overcome every doubt, question and disappointment, and one day, when you wake up next to them, you are going to realize that everything that you went through was worth it.One day, you will understand that its better to fight to make things work, than spending the rest of your life without the person who can’t live without you.Being with another human can be a challenge, and this is why you have to be wise when it comes to choosing a partner. Don’t marry someone just because you feel emptiness on your heart, or because you long for someone to cuddle with or because of the situations around you because marriage is a once in lifetime decision take it wisely without any mental pressure.You deserve to be happy with someone that loves you and can be with you through thick and thin.You deserve to be with someone that can give you peace and confidence.You deserve to be with the one you can’t imagine their life without you next to them.


Thank you for your motivation btw it’s splendid


This is something that motivate you to be with one whom you truly love…!!
I’m empowered to move forward with my love of life…!!
And this piece of writing is damn amazing…!! keep going


Even though you write long, it’s worthy and interesting reading you always @potent_quoteworld :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @twisha_ray

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Feeling good that you people appreciate what I write

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You’re most welcome :blush:

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