I scarred stones to build houses to live,
My ambition visible in cultures developing from clans!
The realms of built skyscrapers are my creation,
The responsible gateways suggest me to be a global madman.

I blasted hills to make heavy Road and Railway developments,
My ambition sighted in high class creations through virtual brand!
The realms of newly settled colonies in Mountains show my destiny,
The consequences of the damaged environment suggest me to be a madman.

My guilt shown high above once warming approaches,
They who wish to create have not visited any certain ban!
The extreme damage in environment booms my virtual identity,
This is how I would become finally a madman.

My commitment would be thwarted when warming discourages,
They who wish to claim would disband my adventurous chants!
The extreme cultivation of human tests would be results of the final crash,
This is how they would finally recognise me as a Madman.


For sure this is a good work to be praised and is really interesting one too.