Maa how to say that i love you

M y one angel

from all corruption and harm
O riginal in all her beauty and charm
T here for me whenever I need her to be
H elping me to be strong making me see
E xactly the mother I could have hoped for
R oyally on a pedestal for all to adore

S he truly is a mother that’s one of a kind

D edicated to helping my life to be refined
A best friend like her is rare to a child
Y oung at heart but not enough to be wild

A ppreciated for all she has done
P erfect in every way and fun
P redictable to always be there
R eassuring she really does care
E ffectively there to give advice
C areful what she says is precise
I would be lost without her love
A ngel in my eyes from above
T reasuring each breath she takes
I ndependently I try to avoid mistakes
O nly mother I have known since birth
N ever to be forgotten for all she’s worth


Wow… :heart::heart::heart:

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just wow… :heart:

Unique one

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Wowww… Just woww…:fire::fire:

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Thank you so much

Wonderful acrostic poem for your mom.


Thank you so much

Thank you so much :hugs:

Thank you so much :hugs::hugs:

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