I sat in a patio
with a heavy heart
Although eyes dilated,
the tears dried up.
The rose from the plant
near me always enthralled
but today it failed to discern so.
The dress I wore was
your favorite pick
still not amused.
The clouds floating above
would be our heart’s throb,
today it seems inanimate.
The tree and it’s green canopy,
housing birds and bugs
and a swaying swing,
always carried me light
yet it seems heavy
My eyes longs for you,
My heart misses a throb,
My hands try to touch you,
I try to wake you up
from your ever slumber
But all in vain! Alas!
I miss you!


Beautiful lines :heavy_heart_exclamation:

beautiful @Ramya_Sree

Beautifully expressed. :heart: