Love yourself



None can love you for long
None gonna stay with you lifelong
None will wipe Ur tears for years
None will smile with you or cheers
None will stand by you for times
None will defend you for thrice
So it’s you who’s gonna love you for life
It’s you who’s gonna be with u till death
Learn to value your worth
Love yourself first


Some real words spoken.
That’s a good advice.
Welcome to YoAlfaaz, looking forward to many other posts


Thank you for appreciating. I hope I won’t let u down


Looking forward tol:grinning:


Welcome my friend @Inked_solace7 to YoAlfaaz family
you are right we should love ourselves first.
Nice post and will like to see you again


Thank you… It’s good to be here among u people… Thank you for agreeing with my views