Love that was real and yet not

Why am I in love with you
Can’t have u, may b I still can
Everytime I see you, I feel light
Your absence make me search you
In an unknown place, can’t find yet

Is this the right one or the wrong
Why does it feel alright to think of you
Can I come a little closer,I do wanna
I do wanna hold you, ur fingers in mine
Mine will be yours forever even if it’s not

All I could do is wait and watch how
How this brain of mine would work
Can it move over you, or will it stop
Can’t imagine a imagination without you
Would you tell me to be far so far from you

Let me make it right, let’s talk
I wanna look into your eyes and say
Lock me in it don’t let me go
Don’t let me walk away from you
If I could only tell you all this

Let you be in my imagination
As long as you want to, because
I do know some day you may come to me
Say that you had me in your imagination too
For we were always in each others




All hearts. :heavy_heart_exclamation: