Love perishes on snow

The days gone by when we both saw together the melting snow,
the day are approaching, when our love’s snow will melt,
you still are fond of the icecream which you gulp in a single sip,
my heart’s love is still approaching, which once you purely felt…

This coldness is burning my every peace of agony,
when would you come to know, snow is often regarded as an enemy?
it preaches the tolls of death, remarks of wounds and pragany,
the snow is only in my mind with your faith- it help me to remind when you were with me.

When the yaks slithered their backs, i saw your head bobbing out of snow,
when the rabbits turned their heels, i saw your face hiding in it’s tunnels,
when the snow dug it’s path across the wind whistling on over my ears,
i saw your smile nourishing nightangel, taunting in it’s mifty voice to ominous crow.

The winter has approached, but you are leaving your way
the river are totally frozen, but they know to their life which belong to a bay,
you still hung up ur mind with laufty perfumes, which once i interestingly smelt
this snow is the representative of our love, it say our heart’s softness has melt.


Beautiful, sir. :heart: