Love: library of tales

Beautiful as rose, Fearless as lion…
You walking on the empty road…

A library of tales.
I would always want to hear and read.

Feelings and Words in your veins.
You come with an intese gain.

Soft and love… the fire of your eyes speaking.
But not a glimpse of fear on your face…

Out of the woods you come with flowers in your head.
Muruming in your own charismatic world.

You’re born a teller of your own tales…
The beauty of your voice betwixt the universe.

Turning your wounds in wisdom, you emerged as the strongest wind.

Poet in the eyes of world…
Little they know the mystique you’re.

Love, emotions and words in the soul.
You’re pglu love, chroncile of destiny…

Your cuteness lie within your eyes…
The glow which grows with every night…

You’re a valiant warrior
Queen bethroned on the the dream realm.



Ultimate :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
So expressive and I loved it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Such a beautiful piece. :blue_heart:

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