Love is all

Love is pure

Love is cure

Love is verb

Ushered with a shrub

Love is intangibiltity in our body, our minds, our souls.

Unexplainable as the mysterious black hole

It is seamless selfless and kind

Unseen vapourous, a secret that two souls find

Your hearts beat to the rhythm of other

When you smile silly, dauntless like a baby

Love is unconditional, unparalleled bound by the sphere of love

A celebration of life, basked by amor, an alliance made from beyond and above.

Together they made a family of souls

Soaked in the harmony like the aged wine
They thrive

Blessed by the flame of holy trinity

Entwined in love like a duet in a song

An oriso. For the affinity of love…

Love is you…

with all true


Wow. :heart:

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Amazing :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: