“Love Domain”

His mansion is few steps from my hut,
I see it on my way.
I tend to turn my feet once to him,
Almost every day.

The mansion is in public domain,
Without a guard at gate.
But to avail all domains publicly !
Few public are not so fortunate.

I wished to meet him once all alone,
Tried, if my dream could come true !
But as he’s always in public domain,
Alas! My wish didn’t reach through.

Unnumbered times it happened like that,
My heart opened its gate to welcome him.
But being in public domain, he couldn’t make out to come,
All his trials became a failed aim.

Being in public domain isn’t so easy you know!
There, morning tea comes with a TV bite,
Flex and Hoarding do Mirror’s work,
Around the city you’re on sight.

How would I know what it means!
When I’ve never lived so publicly!
How would I know how it feels!
Being a frog in my well of privacy!

I will surely ask God few questions.
Does domain really matter?
God is in the most public domain I hope.
Hopefully He will not flatter.

When God has time to meet his devotees,
Then why not we humans?
Why we keep building our card-castles,
With scheduled busyness of illusion?

Why love needs to check and choose?
Between mansions and huts?
Between public and private?
Between shame and guts?

–Pausali Mukherjee


Wonderfully written
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Oh thank you…
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It’s a brilliant post. Welcome to YoAlfaaz. :heart::heart: