This lockdown period,

Let us understand,

And be thankful to God,

We have a home to stay!

A family to be with,

Food to eat stomach full,

Enough clothes to wear,

Lots to entertain ourselves with!

Maybe learn something new,

Or just eat and laze around,

And watch television and pray,

For the deadly virus to go away!

Imagine those without a home,

No money to buy food,

No family to stay with,

Not enough clothes to wear!

Imagine their terrible plight,

To stay in unknown places,

Along with unknown people,

Depending on others for food too!

Lighten their grief, Lord,

Keep them, patient, for a few more days,

Lessen their burden and bless us all,

Please take the Corona Virus away!

Jacqueline Lobo John


Thank you @Adithyan :blush:

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Welcome mam @Jacqueline🤞

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Thank you @Parmesh :blush:

:clap::clap::clap::heart_eyes: @Jacqueline

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