Live Life like a Barbarian beast

Brutally bruised , still standing tall?
Yeah, 'cause I’m a barbarian beast
Invading atrociously in a Roman feast
Achingly listening to the last chanting of Roman archpriest, emotions unreleased , Roman deceased, sun’s setting in the southeast,
Sickening scream’s quiesced ,still standing tall like
Attira the hun , Roman’s life’s done, and I’m smoking gun, having fun , no more protesting thumb.

Yeah , life’s not easy peasy cheesy pie
It’s like darkness in a blue sky
Only struggle implies, no more sighs
Say to failures goodbye , no more unwise
Never ever denies any opportunity
'Cause then you’ll be in a famous community
No more ambiguity, no more buffoonery
Yeah, sometimes life’s too muddy
But that will get you only new money, jewelry,
Famous identity, and money gives masculinity
No more insanity, no more cruelty but only continuity to survive, having enjoyment device,
Life’s full of surprise, no more sacrifice, compromise but only realises luxurious life.

I ain’t having no more pains
I ain’t having no more chains
My life’s no more insane
It’s now like a super Mario video game
No more blood stain, only champagne
No more migraines, life’s sustained
No more hurricanes, no crashed planes
No acid rains , no facial pains
Boom - doom - vroom ,
Golden tomb, lonely room
I’m in a recovery room
That’s called no - more - S-u-i-c-i-d-a-l -drive
Somehow, I am dead alive From a crashed drive
And it’s already two forty five.


Strong! :black_heart:

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Amazing !! :cherry_blossom::yellow_heart:

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