Literateur Al Memorial honour from German Embassy

After nomination successfully received in German Embassy Delhi via online being confirmed in evening of 26th of May, it was discussed with Delhi head quarters that the event to honour Mr. Pant should better be online and with consent from his state’s Embassy locations in Dehradun and also his official team to take charge, it got settled that on World environment day 2020 evening the event should take place online and it was also agreed and consented to take place by officials of Lambert Academic Publishing who had recommended and approved of nomination and all it required now was the day to come and Mr. Pant celebrate one more big moment of his life to be honoured with such a great prestigious LAM honour by LAP and Germany Embassy for his works in the field of science as an author indeed.
Usually the event started in the evening with welcoming the guests from Lambert Academic and those who have connected from German Embassy all including 5 of them, thence online crowd has started to blend in various video confrencing portals arranged by Mr. Pant’s team online and their noises could be very clearly heard being live from Germany, Australia, United States, European Union, Asia-Pacific zone and also from India in huge numbers, and the introduction of the team members to honour proceeded the event where one by one Mr. Pant first welcomed the officials, then greeted the crowd and then expressed his desire to start the proceedings by presentations which was agreed from officials and it has gone to great start as well.
In the presentations the 1st one was based on introducing Lambert Academics and how Mr. Pant got part of the platform which was cheered by the crowd as it went through, the 2nd one was based on the way Mr. Pant was chosen and confirmed for this great honour to come through which was again greeted with noise, The 3rd one was based on all the 8 books and introducing their covers to the crowd for those who haven’t known them yet and crowd was making more noise, The 4th presentation was on the impact of these 8 books across the world as Science works by Mr. Pant, and the last presentation was an audio presentation in which story of Mr. Pant from his childhood till his rise till present was read through in press breefing standard by an official and hence the environment won’t have been better than the way it all went for around 30 minutes and settled the stage more beautifully.
Once the presentations have been done, it was time for the author to speak on the moment, how he got associated with Lambert Academics, how valuable this award is to that and he also had to answer few questions but before he spoke he just gave his salute to all corona warriorrs involved from his foundation across the world and he did the same with a presentation of his own team, and with great cheers for his efforts he proceeded talking on the moment for around five minutes and then answered questions one by one from various communities asked online which was a great ffeeling and honouring him was not far now for which the officials were preparing themselves and so the team representing him around.
After the author’s interaction with the crowd gathered on video confrencing apps, it was time for the monetary honour first for which all the 5 officials one by one first let the SP team members introduced to the crowd online with their greetings and then one by one approached them for the honour representing Mr. Pant while he responded to few crowd members on chat about the award and also expressed gratitude, so the team kept taking on the official formalities done while on the back side conversations with officials was also on board and they were also handed on with digital coupons as their own gift hampers representing the author which was a great gesture and at the end of the monetary honour the photograph of the Amblem shield with Mr. Pant’s name on it was shown by German Embassy members with great crowd cheering it on which was in all wways a fantastic moment for sure.
Now as the honour has been done and the award image has been shown to the crowd, it was time for one more presentation session and in this a different lan of action was accomplished both by Lambert Academics and German Embassy officials where they showed reviews of all the 8 works one by one and for that they changed hands for presenting them as time was limited and reviews were many that included 10 reviews for each work and showing them to crowd with each member changing their position and showing them all was lot of fun, and the crowd kept yelling and celebrating as reviews flashed and went on which was a great excitement, and after all 8 works were covered the presentation session was done taking things to last session that was going to be gratitude by Mr. Pant for such a great event and honouring him in the same.
In the gratitude session Mr. Pant first expressed his acknowledgement to the organisers for such a great event, then turned on his attention of thank you note to the dignitories present both from Lambert Academics and German Embassy connected online, then turned on to the crowd of various inter-continental zones one by one expressing his thoughts and the value they have in their hearts for humanity, expressed his thank you note to some stars from various fields present online who also wished him congratulations, and lastly with thanking his official SP foundation team, and also expressing the greatness of the arrangement it was almost over and Mr. Pant would keep this moment as a big one in his heart, though there is sadness in his heart also for the deadly creature attacks around the world, but with one more great award to go with its lot of responsibility on his hsoulders now as writer of multiple genres, till more such happy moments come for now its cheers from charlie…



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Thanks to both members for your valuable compliments.