Like Before

You just walked away…
Like everyone else before!
How do I let you out…
When there is no door!

Still rooming around my memories…
still hurting me!
Fed up by it…
Will not bother you anymore !

Ok I’m going to watch you celebrating!
Ok I will call you to congratulate!
Ok I hope you get your share of happiness!
Ok I’m going to get my shit together too!

But why!?
Why do I need to get along this time ?
When you keep on forgetting me…
As I keep on clinging on you …

You will hate me,
Therefore !
Let’s not talk anymore !
Let’s just don’t get along further more!

This one sided influence of your …
I can’t control!
And your ignorance make me feel small!

You not even noticing that…
We don’t talk anymore…
Help in a way that ,
can’t break me as…
My heart is already sore!

Feeling attached as they call!
Feeling lonely as I recall!
Me eating alone and you just making troll!
Ok I hope you get to see this neither more…
Ok I will get it done…
like before!!



Sad feelings will pass too with time :slight_smile:

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These feelings are very powerful, I love how you put them into a poem. :heart:

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@unknown_soul @Jacqueline thank you for appreciating :blush:


Ooooo to leave someone close to your heart is too difficult but when u feel that your self respect and your family values are more important u get over it very easily…