Life In A Minute

In my years of living from the day I was born till today. I have seen many things happening in my life, in others life. Always wondered about the same thing while seeing the world with this innocent eyes, " Why can’t one’s life be in a constant mode? " I know it’s a stupid thought, but can one stop their mind from thinking?? As of that I know no one can really control it’s mind.
Thinking might be silly, but hoping is the only work we can do. Hoping to have a better life, hoping to have a peaceful life, hoping to have a life without any changes, hoping to have a life in a constant phase.
These hope keep changing within time without any warnings. It’s not like we can avoid things if only we could know what is gonna happen in next minute. To make our hope come true one have to struggle in order to change certain things in life. No one knows what does it costs to have a life of our own.
As life is not always stable and keeps having changes giving us challenges and rewards simultaneously. Life in a minute has what come in existence. In a way which tells us to accept everything that is thrown in our way. Sometimes life take years to get better and sometimes it requires just a moment. Sometimes life takes just a moment to destruct it’s order and sometimes life ends in just a minute.
Every minute, every second is precious in life to not miss anything we have to catch every opportunity, tackle every obstacle and move with the flow.
To have our Life In A Minute.