Letters I Will Never Post

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When i get lost like a rudderless ship,

aimless, drowning, shrieking loudest;

foreseeing my death near,

in the bluish abode of ocean,

as if i’m all alone in an enormous marine world;

I feel numbness breaking my ribs hard

laughing at my helplessness.

I watch my skin turning blue & pale like a corpse,

& atlast sublime myself with the reverence of my tears.

I try to pick up the pieces of my heart

& stitch again to never lose its binding,

& out of trepidations, i try to spill out

the gorges of my feelings through my words;

I try to overwrite those words

feeling that the essence is somehow missed,

& i scratch out or peel off the piece of my diary,

In the outburst of my anger.

I surmise myself a failed poet

when expressions seem tinier than

the trash of my head that slowly rot.

I leave no efforts undone in stretching myself more,

I see riots everywhere, out of a brawl of religion,

or a hot misunderstanding brewed from

sipping a cup of hot tea.

I judge myself as a failed poet

when i don’t find peace in my pieces

as they convey the canvas of a enraged society,

or, like a unbloomed flame waiting for a matchstick.

How can i resurrect my peace back?

How can i overlook the problems around me

slowly eating to my core?

How to be a blind poet limiting myself

into the safe “Lakshman Rekha” of happy scribblings?

How to be a “Victorious Poet” finishing

myself in some 4 liners leaving

a vast white spaces on my diary?

I try to search for my answers restlessly

Sleeping silently at night , twisting & tossing my body

in both sides repeatedly & shuffle in utter confusion.

My attentions jump over to the faded ceiling

Of the corner most wall,

i feel as if it’s crying for long in the yearning

of a peaceful death but shelping

the agony of being a havoc burden.

I wish i could be a wall to heal it by stamping my words.

Abysmal feelings choke my throat again,

bullying me for i never posted any of my letter.

I feel ashamed, embarrassed & scornful

against each of their allegations

make me a worthless struggling mediocre.

My dwarf talents crumple my pages where

I wrote the glooms of an unloved child,

to the predictions of awkward suicide,

falling down from a 33 storey apartment;

I wrote the headless revert back of my screams,

to the gormless rejection of peculiar proposal

from the most peculiar girl,

only knew to love without any pledge or condition;

I wrote from the pain of a hindu boy weaved a dream

bit by bit of witnessing mecca

& prohibited by the barricades of religion

to the muslim girl never uttered her endless love

for a hindu classmate ,but made his favourite dessert

everyday to earn praise of her cooking.

Yes,i never given recognition to these letters ,

probably never gonna post some day in near future.

I know my social handles are still starving

for them, for their phenomenal peace & persona.

Yes, i’ve never given respect to these letters

as i knew i am under the surveillance

of social cctv circuit, made of some ill-minded creatures.

I can be distorted in no time by the chops of

hate comment trails & i never posted them.

Yes, i will never post a letter including such,

or, never can be a ‘Satisfied Poet’ with my tiny pieces.

I never posted any of my soul-talks where

actual serene resides out of any fear.

Let some unrevealed beauties live out of our reach,

Let some unparalleled thoughts stay blindfolded,

Let some extravagant love bubble the air of peace

& let some lean minds never read the letters unposted.



first I’m happy to see your post again @storytellersuchi
second, as always you did the job very nicely.
This is outstanding piece of work, I have really no idea, how should I appreciate.
This post have a lot things special in it
you just rocks friend
and god bless such an awesome writer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you sooo much!:blush::heartbeat: @Ravi_Vashisth
Actually i was somewhat busy & forgot posting my write-ups here but national poetry writing month has started, so i will post regularly.

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Well, thanks for that and I hope to read you as more as I can :slightly_smiling_face: