Let's make a clean society



Dear people,

The way you decide someone’s ability to do something, to achieve something is not at all a sign of good and mature human being, for your kind information.
If you think you are proving yourself superior over someone by mocking him|her about colour complexion, speaking disability, defects in body parts, body shaming, economic condition, etc; you are the most dumb person in comparison to them.

You think, you people are god gifted that you seem so perfect and beautiful, educated, living in a luxury life style but you are the most bad odour of the society. You are beautiful only when you have the ability to see the beauty in others, the good in others, the humanity in others; otherwise you are ugly, yes you definitely are.
The people who are capable of following their dreams, who can accept their flaws and make it their power to go ahead, who can give love and show respect even though you are behaving in-humanly, then they are the pride of the society, not anything less.
Make yourself a human being first, don’t pollute the society. Let us make it clean.
Thank you😊


very well penned…


Oh god, that’s nice
It’s true and truth is bitter
Yes, you are right. First try to be a better human and than anything else.


Thanks :blush: @thegurjyot


Rightly said, we need real humans in our society.


A beautiful thought.