Let's go dear

Dear i am losing here,
all charms of youth,
Waiting for you…
On the shore of time.
let’s go to the sea.
To embrace the gold horizon ,
to kiss the blue sky,
to bid farewell to twilight ,
to dance with the waves.

Let’s go dear.
I am sitting with chin on hands,
and eyes on fire.
For they say
love is either now or never.
Hold me in yours ,
dear let’s go to hear the
flying birds,
and the shaking trees,
to touch the waters
and to talk to flowers.

Let’s go dear.
Across the farm n lands
where green path becomes grey
and where corn ripened.
a furrow of field ,
and with a sickle
wanna cut all the waitings.

Let’s go dear.
The city light,clubs and church,
to see their silent noise.
To enjoy the evening belfry.
To be lost in night
where you will be
my guiding-star.

Let’s go Dear.
Again to be lost in love ,
to feel how it happened to us.
To recall all heartaches
to have again hand in hand
To make it fresh,
when your breaths were my blood like,
and you wouldn’t even sighs ,
fearing ,losing of my blood.

Let’s go dear…
Exchange that sighs again
to have that kind of breathe again.

©Kavita verma


Love. :heart: