Let's fight Corona Virus

Wearing a mask might look out of style,
But don’t you dare remove it,
Why are you playing with your and yours loved ones life,

Applying sanitizer after every 10mins might look embarassing,
Don’t bother about it,
Through this, it is your life that you are embracing,

Boycotting your daily walks might be a problem,
But just do this,
We have to delay this walk for nation

Hey workoholics, work from home if it’s an option,
Don’t be too enthusiastic,
As life has more value than your fucin occupation,

My party animals, just stay calm for moment,
Just delay that tripping in pubs,
Better smoke weed being in isolation,

So just take care of yourself and your loved ones,
Yeh it’s a fight against virus
Do your bit to save everyone of us.


Good post and message bro
Thanks and I agree plus will follow :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah! Hope for good! :broken_heart:

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