Let's face ourselves!

Roads are passing by,
Time is running shy,
Which,once, was my friend,
A trusted ally,
Brimming with life,
My well has gone dry,
Is it okay
To be LOST or to cry?

How do I feel?
I feel dead,
Not sad or helpless,
Just plain dead,
For I loathe me,
Doing this to myself,
Which is doing nothing,

Rushing through talks,
Running on walks,
As if being chased I am,
Even in dreams,
Well they are missing,
Hiding from me,
Scared?? Are they??
Of me?
Is this the fire engulfing me?
Showing me its cruelest form?
Well, I am LOST,
Within the flames,
LOST, for today,
Or tomorrow,
Or may be the day after !!!


So nicely written! :black_heart:

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Many thanks :blush: