Let's celebrate the days



To the People out other,

You often say that a single day is not needed to celebrate womanhood or to show love to your loved one but I wonder why all these are discussed and posted only on that particular day with a quotation, “A single day is not needed to celebrate this and that…”
According to this, a day is not needed to celebrate our language, a day is not needed to celebrate motherhood and fatherhood, a day is not needed to celebrate the labour contribution, a day is not needed to show respect towards our country, yeah, everyday is a day to cherish ourselves!
Wish every woman on every single day to make them feel that they are important, wish your loved one a happy Valentine’s Day every morning; you don’t love them only on a particular day, you love them everyday right?? So why not??
You can’t, right? Everyday can’t be celebrated. That’s why a day is there for celebrating different people, different occasions, different contributions; to excuse some times and give a day on the name of something or someone out there.
So if you don’t see any need to celebrate then just don’t, but if others are celebrating, let them do so without criticizing.
Thank you😊



Changed perspective.
Good one


so true and open @unknown_soul . Also, I support every single point you told.
nice post again
and you are rocking my friend with your posts


Thank you😊 @navjyotsingh.rajput


Thanks a lot❣️ @Ravi_Vashisth


Finally someone said it and from now on if I read someone saying that something can’t be celebrated by dedicating a day. You can assured that the link of this post is going directly to their PM :smiley:


Hey, a huge thanks to you😊 people definitely should know about different perceptions before ending up in making jokes and criticism❣️
Spread love everyday including that particular day too❣️ @thegurjyot