Let me ink my thoughts

Let me ink down each little thing
I observe in my little in life
Give me strength without pain,
Let the words embrace freedom
And endure courage without shame.
Let me write with masterpiece and skill,
Let me write with words so that people
can heal.
And give me the hands to write, ready to
Let me write with words that calm the
Let me write with words that help the
crazy maintain.
Let me write through the vision of
someone else’s eyes,
Let me write for those who struggle to
And let me write for those who are no
longer alive.
Let me write for those with a voice but
cannot hear.
Let me write to help those who can’t
Let me grow in writer’s wisdom through a
channel of the uncommonInsps I inspire others to know they’re not
And let me be the writer who never
signs as nothing
Let me be guided by the Lord that my
pen tends to write,
Let me write to bare fruit for my family
to eat,
Give me the guidance to let my pen
follow your lead,
Let me write with your hand,
I’m asking you please.


Let you write always and forever, happy to be a reader of your words. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I wish god allow you and you keep on writing such amazing work long life
@Twisha_Ray you are writing your own future, fortune yourself and I wish a very good luck for your future.:slightly_smiling_face: God bless you my friend.


Thank you so much

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Very well penned dear!!

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Awesome… keep going…

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