Let go

Sometimes we should let go. We should let go of everything, even if we know we shouldn’t. Sometimes keeping hold of things and memories doesn’t do any good, sometimes holding all our emotions doesn’t do any good. Sometimes we should let them go, set our emotions free so that they speak what we want to speak. Sometimes we should let people go so that they understand what their life will feel without us. Sometimes we should let memories slip rather than hang on to them, so that they get washed and carried away. Sometimes we can love and still let them go, but sometimes we should love but still let them go.


Beautifully penned. Well said. :heart:

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Thanks, its my pleasure :heart:



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Indeed! We have to let it go… all at once… maybe not permanently…but for this moment! So that you can feel the present as it should!


Thanks, my pleasure :heart:

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Yeah! We have to… someday, sometimes…