Leave me a smile before you leave(Challenge of the week)

The challenge of this week is

Leave me a smile before you leave…

Write your original lines as a reply to the half written line above. Follow the tags for the form of writing!
Per person, only one reply is allowed. Reply with maximum likes will win. This challenge will end at midnight next Saturday.


Leave me a smile before you leave,
Do a last favour on me before your life live,
I don’t want to remember life long your tears,
That’s why Leave a best smile for me my dear…
~anjali by @Nagma_lafzo_ka

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All the best for wherever you wish to be,
Do me a favor although I know it’s not me,
Asking you to leave me a smile before you leave,
For my smile does not work alone anymore,
Parting a li’l, these lips, waiting for yours
Not finding it and they shut some more,
You can have all except just one for me,
That unconditional smile, just that one,
Which will be enough to make me walk and run
The relay race called life and I will run for your turn,
With that smile of yours on my lips :heart:

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