Last breathes

These few moments may be my last. I may not be there for you in new year. Life is so unpredictable and I do not want to see world through rose coloured glasses. I am feeling insecure and possessive about you .Therefore, I want you to get familiar with my last wish ,seeing the high probability of death. Just step ahead, cast a serious look towards me ,put your finger on my lips, just stare into my eyes for a while and give me a immediate kiss on my cheek as a sign of saying that it’s all my obsession because of reacting hyper sensitive. Even if I die after that and gets questioned by God that what virtue or good have I brought with me for myself as a candidate of paradise, I will boast off saying that I have already been through heaven and do not need any second heaven now at all. You (God) may damn me to hell now as per your will.
(Muneeb Tahir)

Hope new year brings you happy days! Take care. :blue_heart: