Suffocating breath
Heavy to handle
Lurking pain through the chilling narrow panes
Life seems to be an incandescent beam under miserable silver with a fading smile on frozen lips
Under the abandoned sheets of snow
Frozen aglow, appears dim and unassuming
Of the fairly tales once spoken now a plebian in the woods
Vacant eyes so standstill, everything absorbed within its sneak
Sitting benummed and lifeless without a wry or wreath
Icy winds with plaintive thorns piercing its gloom
Juggling snowballs melt within
Lovesick admiration blooming
Not in life, but in sheer death.
©®Soumen Roy 2.6.2021 All Rights Reserved.


nicely written…

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Thank you Sir with highest gratitude and respect. I am also much thankful to Respected Mam Priya Batra who offered me this platform. My sincere Regards and gratitude to both of you. :pray:

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Oh wow :two_hearts:

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Thank you with regards and gratitude