Krishna(Happy Janmastami)


Divine grace of heaven
spurting mercy love laden
Nature smiles,a sublime art
of devotion

Aye lord descends to th’ earth
with his magical flute
Outpouring the nectar of
Gita,the sweetest dilute

Adorn the lap of mother
Daivaki in the prison of Mathura
Mahamaya appears to laugh on
the pride of Kansha

Wore the hat of a cowboy in the
land of Vrindavan
Friend of friends and the
killer of demons
Greedy of butter and dear of
Yasomoti mother
Stolen garments of bathing gopis
and Radhika’s eternal lover

Pulled the Pandava’s chariot in the
battle of Mahabharata
Implemented truth with the conscious
detachment of dark maya

Established knowledge far from the
clouds of ego,greed and anger
Krishna is the magical song of bliss
to the clarity of individuals characters.
©®Soumen Roy All Rights Reserved.