Known curse

The night India got freed,
The eve when China claimed it a Peoples republic,
Known curse of divide and rule had already settled by foreigners,
Both countries are aware in 21st century of it, though they can be sometimes cynic.

The day when historic pact was signed,
The eve when both country leaders felt proud on both’s resolutions,
Known curse has been engaged by financial beneficiaries,
Things can be troublesome and horrific as understood by both in misconceptions.

War, conspiracies and politics continued,
Their mask exposing those who are willing to have it for long,
China and India must be aware of the known curse,
Though their fathers who wanted prosperity are since gone long.

Trade, finance and material substance also still existed,
The face become scarred but still under name of trust,
China and India should recognise the known curse in 21st century,
They should avoid the war as long they must…


Awesome , I just love your writings .

thanks ma’m

Well constructed