Just write it down, you all. ❤️

I know very little about writing, so I don’t have anything to suggest or anything.

But there is one thing I believe and want to share with all of you about writing is that, never give your thoughts a break, never stop your pen to be inked, never take a day off from your love for words, never.
A break makes it feel like a work and writing isn’t a work, it’s life; as we are living this life, we are writing our story everyday, a little more. So why take a leave from living?

You just write whatever you are thinking right now, at this second, write it down. It doesn’t need to be best, not even good everytime. It can be a random choice of words, it can be a feeling that needs to come out of you, it can be anything.

When the pain meets the pen, the words cry and the eyes become wet and we know what that means to us! Life is paper and we have different colours of emotions within us, we just need to put them down and look how beautiful the words can look, together…


I agree!!:+1:

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Indeed so true dear @unknown_soul

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We all. :handshake::heart: @parmesh_chavan

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Keep writing, dear. :heart: @potent_quoteworld

I agree too…



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Yeah. :heart: @Wordsbyritti

:heart::heart: @Twisha_Ray

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