Just for a beautiful poem

★★★★★Just For A Beautiful Poem★★★★★

If it were the last time I’d capture its edge and hide it in secret corners ,
So that i’d be able to make some memories fresh again .

Have you ever felt the raining cloud or
a twinkling star,
sitting in an old attire , How beautiful the shadows of a dying evening And just for a new change they let themselves vanished .
so forget your sorrows and aching times .
let them be buried in barren lands .
so they can never rise .
How sweet the first step of infant ! (though it is full of wounds and lessons).
And the changing of youth into age ,
like sharp noon after tender dawn .
let take them place for all changes
And every legend story is interwoven with lessons .
nothing happens in minutes ,
have you ever noticed ,The surprises And miracles.

A flower and thousands of fragrance…
A life and morals for years…

so just let all the changes happen just for a Beautiful Poem.
Kavita verma