Joy of world writer's anthology 2019

It is always a feeling of real delight when an author contributes in a great anthology and when chance is global, large and a new one in it’s nature, things become more fascinating in their virtual prospect.
It was same for Mr. Pant when back in October 2019 he came to know through official social media information of World Literature Union located in Bucharest that a new project in progress through eforts of three countries that include Germany, Romania and montenegro will commence soon and it will celebrate global authors if they are able to submit their poetry or proce.
And after going through details Mr. pant was up for the grab and make the impact during the final days of the submission.
Here he was able to collect his energy and type on 10 different poems based on the feeling called ‘nation’ and emailed them as mentioned in the official pamplate to do the same as well as submitted the entry fee which helped on to proceed with the same.

Hence now the process was over and all that was required was the good news of the selection which was based on quality and effort done in the colection and the author bio was also asked which had to be precise and Mr. pant hoped for the good news soon.
Yet He didn’t have to wait long and the official list of the writers selected got released exactly around 1 month later on 24th of November 2019 and he was delighted to see the process through.
In the list he was included in the top fifty authors and his 10 poems were easily to be found from page 352 to page 357 in the huge poetry anthology which was an extreme delight as a visually impaired author for him and he felt elated.
Mr. pant shared the news on his social media channel and his readers across the world felt pride for one more great contribution which was pleasing and delightful in all respects for sure.

Although this was not the end of joy for the prestigious author like Mr. Pant as he got himself busy being part of the Platinum Jubilee celebration at the Blind Relief Association and listened out to honorary Kailash Satyarthi sir’s speech, the glory was written as history in the three countries where on their television the author’s name were premiered one by one and Mr. Pant secretly seated in his country was feeling thankful to all being part of his success.
An official launch event was planned by the organisers for the anthology and it took place in Pajorika in Montenegro where certain representatives visited and had their share of words.
Though Mr. Pant couldn’t make it this time there, he had wished them gratitude and felt thankful that he was included and felt glad of having a pride moment.
He will remember this day, 14th of December 2019, and it has made his smile become larger at the end of day feeling that he does exist as a visually impaired author amongst many across the world with one more achievement.

Before the close it is time now to express gratitude and the author is first of all thankful to his parents and family, then he would like to express his gratitude to his author team both online and in Mumbai offices, A big thank you to the organisers of World Writers’ Anthology for selecting and sharing his name, and He is thankful that his name was selected and shared on the television.
Also he is gratified to everybody along side him being part of this anthology and congratulates all who became part of such a historic moment and feel elated that they were all happy for their achievement.
Also his thanks to everyone in India for helping him out to become a better author and he would like to express his gratitude to all the readers both in Balcans as well as in Europe and in the whole world.
Till more happy and joyful moments come, sharing and cherishing this big happy moment from 14th of December, For now it’s cheers from charlie…


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