It's better to wait long than marry wrong

It’s an important lifetime decision that we make and deciding on the person we want to settle down with is a choice we make.We have cleared the education path and are either working or seeking a job,marriage comes in for you.Now,we have several degrees and qualifications for the job but what about marriage?No one really tells us about it in detail.People will share about their experiences but then again not everyone is living the same life.We usually enter a marriage with lots of unrealistic expectations we have in our mind by watching daily soaps and movies which are far away from ground reality.Every marriage goes through a high and low phase.We need to stick around and find ways out rather than jumping to conclusions or lashing out.We see a lot of people around us talking about divorces,the only reason I see to it is low tolerance and losing patience too quickly.We listen to people around us,telling us their opinions on our situation but who better than you would know your partner,so never ever let other’s decide for you.I believe 3 things that one should know before getting into marriage.

  1. Enter It with No Alternate Plan.
    If you get married thinking you will walk out if it doesn’t work the way it should,you are wrong from the beginning because you let your mind work that way. People might call this thought old fashioned but I think it is true.I am not talking of cases of domestic violence, cheating or dowry.I am just talking about a normal marriage.Give commitment to that relationship and then you will always find ways to make it work.
  2. It’s Not Me or You, it is Us .
    The day you get married,it is no more about you or just him/her.It is always ‘Us’.There has to be love and respect for each other at all times.Try and keep your partner happy but not at the cost of completely ignoring your happiness.You both are in this together and need to stay happy together.Compromise for each other, respect the wants and needs of each other.It’s all about building a relationship together as it is not a one man show.
  3. Do Not Compare ever.
    Just like no two individuals can the same,Like wise,no two relationships can be the same.People will tell you the good about their marriage and you may envy them too but you do not know the other side of the story so never ever compare your marriage or your partner to anyone else.Do not live to make your marriage like someone else’s, have your own unique one.
    Marriage is not easy but not too difficult too.No one can tell you how to survive the difficult phases,it’s a learning process.Trust your instincts,trust the process and believe that you want to make it work and it will work. Patience and tolerance is a key to a happy marriage. Don’t be too quick to make decisions or run to share every little problem in your marriage with your friends or family.No one better than you will know your partner so work it out together.Don’t let other’s decide for you what your next step in a situation should be.Just remember one thing before saying yes to marriage.“It’s better to wait long than marry wrong.”

Everyone needs there part of freedom…! Like freedom can’t always about choosing to go out and explore… it could be stay at home! So it is about “freedom” to what you choose!
Really loved to read about your thoughts and ideologies, on the way of hearing mostly about where people want freedom to get away from there mate! :heart:


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