Iran- The US worry

Since US has left JCPOA that was signed with support of ‘Big 3’ European nations, it has become tricky situation once more in the fate of Nuclear provisions in a prominent Islamic country like Iran who had come under juristrictions of the treaty committing deep and felt cheated from Trump administration who under pressure of trade relations had probably decided to discontinue the plans obtained by former Obama government in consent of helping Iran bring to right core.
Looking back, it is not wrong of US to consider human rights or environmental concerns in such region or to feel the heat of rising power so it tried to advocate the humanist cause hoping that things may come back to track and it may resume it’s boat to deep waters without any hurricane coming and yet it has not recognised some core issues.
Similarly Iran was also right when it had committed to the treaty before US leaving the precept under Trump government and has been able to reconcile it’s nuclear water supply that requires most core asset to create a plutonium bomb but it shall resume now, but the country has to companciate to it’s economic target to bring things to global balance through which those ‘Big3’ countries shall certainly feel the economic heat if matter goes further.
What may happen now that either US will try to deploy millitary pressure or Iran can primarily cut it’s oil supply through gulf provintial, and if both come to effect that can lead to serious complications.
Thus what I feel as a global concern that both parties must come to table, talk through and US must think of JCPOA once more that shall ultimately bring peace.
What is the key core that Ultimately these both issues including US pressure on Iran’s nuclear activities and the Islamic country’s response with targetted threats are small fabric of masks which is to say that economic battle is the core instrument and if it can be resumed the balance shall come to force once more…


You Tried Hard!


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