:black_medium_small_square:INSANITY OR, DEFORMITY?:black_medium_small_square:

If you hold my hand,
Mom, i won’t be scared of walking
on those scary roads of thornful reality anymore.
If you hold my hand ,
with your firm fingers ribboning
my tiny & tender ones,
Mom, i won’t be scared of watching
those flesh-lover demons anymore.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, they can’t play a new horrific game
tagging it ‘playful one’ each time anymore.
Trust me, mom,
I’ve had enough while witnessing
my 6 years old body has soaked the vomits of lust,
I’ve seen enough like a aged soul
carrying the wounds of scornful pains
in those unheard screams,
I’ve gone enough with my hidden scars
like a feeble soul with a stamp of “sweet child”,
I’ve been distorted each time
they slip their demonic hands under my skirts,
I’ve felt enough when their nauseous touch
left no parts of my skin alive,
I’ve died each time they found euphoria
using my unbloomed vagina while seeing
me howling in acute pain,
I’ve been cracked while remaining hushed
for so long acting like i’m a obedient & a shy girl,
& i’ve been mortified when the prince
of your fairytale never came in rescue
of your little princess from devils in reality.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, they won’t be able to wrap themselves
with their masks of “humble & respectable teachers”
of my school while calling me alone sometimes.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, i won’t be afraid of this so-called melodramatic society which i’m not even known properly
but have watched its dark side playing with my soul.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, i won’t get twitches on my teeth
while uttering the truth in front of everyone
forgetting all the fake totems implicit only on women.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, i won’t have to suppress my voice
in front of a soul-murderer for their raising of eyes.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, i won’t have to stop & listen
to my painful duties of remaining a doll or quite
like a clay- idols of a sacrificed goddess.
If you hold my hand,
Mom, i won’t have to tremble my hands & quiver in panic while suppressing the belches of ultimate fear
in drawing period or piti class.
I don’t know how to get spared of such
obnoxious & nauseating actions against me;
I don’t know what to call those men
who get my chocolates & pens on TEACHERS’ DAY
& then teaches my body until i start bleeding;
I don’t know how to raise my voice
as i am just a 6 years old child
suffering from a traumatic disease named “not to tell anybody” & a “shameful! what society will call you now!”.
I don’t know their proper definition too,
as i’m a little soul with a lot of “PLAYFUL EXPERIENCES”.
All i want now is, if you only hold my hand,
shelter my head on your soothing lap
& say, “I am with you, princess.We’ll fight & punish the demons like the prince did in your fairytale!”



sometimes I just left with no words to appreciate someone
this time you did this thing

this post is very very interesting and it’s simply awesome

As a child, the biggest problem is, how to say or present your problem to someone. A kid, a girl is really sometimes a curse on herself, just because of this. The people out there have a lot faces, hiding one under other. Elders too misjudge them sometimes, how a kid can get the right call.
My heart shakes when i hear incidents related to kids. Only question that comes to my mind is “Why kids? What’s his/her fault in all this?”.
I just urge and request every parent to listen to their kids and trying to figure out the problem, just not only to grab them in your wrists.

nice post @storytellersuchi and keep writing such awesome works and i wish your posts, letters, words reach to maximum people all around world.

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Your comment ,oh my gosh!
Even it needs to be read by everyone
This means a lot! Thank you so much,:pray::pray::maple_leaf::maple_leaf::heart::heart: @Ravi_Vashisth :maple_leaf:

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You rock

Such letters are much needed to show world the humanistic aspect of life, love, solitude