Inhuman love

Everynight I dream of something
That never come true
Day by day
Turn to nightmare
Hugging my pillow with every tears
I shed being a crying mess
Till I met those eyes
Warmness I feel
But bury some dark secrets
My past was inevitable
Arousing me every night
I was sinning though he was redemption

Eclipse made its way
Night our passion
Darkness our temptation
Our love was drawn by blood moon
He was beyond the human
His eyes were night, never was I so dreamy
Lips more than red roses, blush I every touch
His aura was wine,drunk was I every moment
His love was strong enough
To make me weak
Made it hard to live without him

Our love was taboo,it was forbidden
People only adorn it as legend
Our love was rewarded with hatred
Every battle he bleeds,my heart aches
Every wounds he gets,my body pains
He went through the darkest of the day
Every piece of pain for me

But the legend tell
The more love grew
The more he becomes weak
Nightmare didn’t scare me
His disappearance would do
I was sinner, it was my redemption day
Pardon me for being mortal
Death was never far away
Very near, very dear
No poem could tell the saga of love
No Nightingale could sing song of love
Immortal our love,bond we tie
Moment we cherish,verse we sing
Time will remember us

Au revoir, my salvation
My body that loved you
Slept beneath this unfair earth
Every blood moon
He never forget to come
Every visit he pays
To my sleeping body
That can’t love him back
Every visit leave behind a blood rose
Petals soaked with painful tears


Beautifully composed. :heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz, keep posting more. :heart:

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very nice @Koopapaya
welcome in yoalfaaz family :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::clap::clap:

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