Indian expectations in Stockholm Grand quiz 2020

Ever since, Team India has become the champions of the Quiz world cup, back to back 2 times in year 2016 and 2020, the expectations from the team has started to become more vibrant than ever and it is not that the team hasn’t delivered after the world cup, Though they have played lesser online tournaments, but where-ever they have featured whether in leagues or in the Digital online quizzing championships, the team has done well, even in absence of Mr. Pant in such tournaments, Nandi has led well, and hence as Mr. Pant returns to complete health and becomes available with few online practice sessions, it is going to boost a lot to them and the expectations would be on the rise as they were before any quiz championship whether in the country or taking place abroad.
Although, its not that Mr. Pant has complete absence from the team, and he has played a great role in the online success the team India has in leadership of Nandi, where he focused in role of mentor, guided them well, and provided new quizzers some oppurtunity to not only play well, but also be matured in his vision and presence, and hence his vision for them like always has been on the front that makes it more prudent, and hence now he is back as Captain head, it would be interesting how he tackles the situation, the pressure to do well in Scandenavian winter challenge would once upon go to his shoulders, and all depends how his leadership proves to be an effective one in further success of the team in Sweedon in Stockholm grand quiz 2020 indeed.
The fact that Indian players have done well in the tournament makes it more pressure like situation for the captain and the current team, though being part of such atmosphere they are surely going to cherish it and would try to make their country proud but in what way they are going to adapt in this corona situation, how things are going to be in favour and in what way they are going to make it a great event is surely going to be a testing one without dout, still those who have watched them play the game closely are excited and so the captain and the team to make their country proud for which they have accepted the expectations put on them and they have great hopes to do well in the tournament for sure.
Thus the team is ready to do what is best known to them with beginning of practice sessions, either on the web or with limited ways of meetings that are on the go within the team in leadership of Mr. Pant as captain and coaches and managing staff around, they are gearing well for this tournament looming ahead from 18th to 20th of November, and all they request is for the patience of those who support them most dearly and they hope that they would be able to do well and make the country proud in whatever way the result come in their favour or not in proceedings for which it would surely require hard work and accurate effort by the entire team, Thus till more updates and feedbacks from the team come regarding the Stockholm Grand Quiz 2020, for now like its said, its cheers from charlie, stay tuned for more soon…


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