Indian Expectations in Quiz world cup 2020

Being champions of the last world cup that held in the home country and winning it first time in the history of such a big tournament puts extra pressure on such a team who has played in absence of their captain in the last few months, but his return has assured that such pressure will not be increased, and in the practice sessions that has gone through in Chennai in the month around it has been observed amidst all Corona fears and all the events happpening around that the team is still committed and no matter how much challenges come with the aid and guidance of the docters of both the countries and their signitorial support, the team will not only be participating in the world cup but shall also be travelling in the six cities with great support of the medical experts, and the feeling that they are up for the challenge make the expectations a worth as a starting point for the Quiz world cup of the visually impaired that is looming from 30th march to 3rd April 2020 in 6 cities of Belgium itself.
The brief press confrences that took place amidst the meetings in the month of March suggests that the captain is still up for the challenge despite coming after the long gap and the head coach also suggests that the new technologies involved for the tournament are not new both for the captain and the team and it is good to find that they are involved, As mentioned by the guidelines it will be first time when braille technologies would be used for the braille round in the Quiz world cup, and as expected the Indian team has practiced the technologies in their practice sessions assuring their supporters that they are up for it, thence what it does that it assures that they are up for the pressure to soak, but they have also hinted that extra pressure or expectations can be a spoilsport thus they will try their best to do well in the tournament and Mr. Pant has clearly said that they are going to play a good game and that will be the only way they will adapt in the tournament.
As far the experts consider it, the tournament will be a challenging one for the Indian team as it is longer than earlier world cup, though no dout it doesn’t consist of the round robin format that used to exist in previous times, but the knock out rounds starting from round of 64 and going till the endd in the finals being of 8 hours can be a fatigued one, and in this darker times where things are facing locked down and arangements has to be done according to the most needed accuracies it will depend how the team manages the hard core scenario, thus the experts of the Quizzing in the field of vision impairment have also suggested that Indian fans can expect a lot from the team to do well, but in the meantime they should also restrain from making it a spoilsport and all the Indian team need is the calm approach and if they go through the right pathway it will result well thus it would be interesting how they perform in the quiz world cup.
The formal practices are almost at the last minute for the Indian team to proceed, lot is there on the stake to do well in the tournament looming and how they will do the effort all rests on the 8 players shoulders with 5 playing regular and 3 being the reserve ones, and how the medical staff of the team and the coaches manage will also be an impressive fact to consider, all we can hope that the team would perform well, they may try their best to play a good game like Mr. Pant has regularly hinted, and till more such news and update come on the context of the Quiz world cup 2020 for now like it is said its cheers from charlie to all at large…


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