Indian expectations in Asian Pacific nature quiz 2019

Being the champions of the last time, facing the momentum to be that and having lot of blessings to make count to make sure, and and hence India as a team shall be on the front of vision when this tournament shall start this late September 2019 in auckland.
The biggest challenge they have as the team is to perform according to the expectations of both the supporters eagerly waiting across India in huge numbers to listen out the great performances and also the huge crowd from the 16 countries who will reach out in Auckland and shall be part of those coming 3 days making the tournament a cracker.
Thus being the best of teams, hoping to do well and expressing themselves the team has lot of hopes to carry on, thence they would have lot of pressure to feel on and hence how they do in accordance to be on their best is not going to be easy through out the tournament as it shall proceed and shall fold it’s own glories and many happy insentive indeed.

In the first session of the training for the tournament, during a short press meet, both captain, vice captain and the coach did express that they are up for the challenge and are ready for the competition of 3 days that is looming very soon in it’s entire extention and impression in such great city like Auckland for the 2nd time since it’s last impact in 2017.
There is no dout that opposite teams have remembered their styles, must plan for a better brand of sport in Quizzing, and for that they should be prepared in all ways which was also explained by the leaders that they are also on the charge in the meetings to prepare in their own new way to get on their top as well which is great to know.
And in such process, They are hoping to do well, pressure of the challenge is not in their minds and they should play their natural game, as expressed by Mr. Pant, and hence though in such moments the team along with the leaders have said that the proud country can expect from them to do well at the bottom least.
What they are trying to create as atmosphere is to make sure that they do stand on the right core, do know how to place right quality game and even in the recent online practice matches they played amongst certain Balcan countries that were lot of fun so it shows that they are on their toes to perform well and if they do well and make impressive name, it would certainly make the road to become better much easily achievable for sure.

Thus what can be expected from the team that they will try to do well of their own as they are known to be, shall try their best to defend the legacy they have created in Pacific zone as well by going to defend the trophy, and the entire team is on the gear and ready to face the challenge from the other 15 teams around that would be great to witness around.
All is the need of the experts is that they shouldn’t hope to underestimate the opponent on the day given, must keep the ego outside and play well on their standards, and if they are able to win hearts by their performances and go well it shall certainly help in creating the happy memory.
Only few teams have before been able to win this tournament twice in history and who knows if this team under leadership of Saurabh and experience of Nandi can create history, then it shall be a great feet not only for the country but also for those all who play their respective sports to inspire as well.
Till mmore happy commitment come, we can cheer for our team, hope they go well in the tournament looming, hope their practices do help in performing better and till more such moment of hope and joy come for now it’s happy reading from Safron at large…