India the champions of Stockholm Grand Quiz 2020

It was great to be back in the competitive atmosphere as the team safely landed in capital of Swedon for the Stockholm grand quiz, and they were hoping to do well as captain and coach had quick discussion on the arrangement, social distancing and norms to follow which were updated by the official who had come to take them through, and with all excitement of the tournament looming ahead, a short discussion on which captains and team have arrived, and all to themselves the team has started to trudge along in the public vehicle arranged in 2 separate groups and it was time to be back on the show and make it own by the performances to come soon for sure.
Once reaching the official quarters, it was time for covid tests as general process which the entire team did, an entry photo session went on with the officials who have helped to reach the quarters, and a small throng has gathered in welcome for Mr. Pant and the entire team for which he felt gratitude and express them thanks moving forward. Though the surprise was waiting inside where the captains who have known him coming for this tournament after the long gap were waiting, and after inspection of the team and leading them through to the upper floors, Mr. Pant came down to find that they were all waiting in welcome, greeted him with great joy, and he appreciated their presence and asked them to be ready for the challenge soon and it was a nice environment before the beginning of the tournament and all now awaited for the performances to go and make it big indeed.
However when the tournament started, the 4 top rank teams were asked to sit in front and the other teams were requested to follow the alphabetical order which the teams responded as a great gesture with social distancing being followed. In the braille round, Mr. Pant felt that the team did really well in both rounds where in first round they were trailling Switzerland but put a good show to recover and came 1st at the end of it and the bottom most few teams had to pack their bags home. Similarly in the typing round, India kept the morale and fired with more speed to end it on the top and again more bottom most teams had to go home packing and the top rank teams appreciated their presence. And in all ways the league round was a good hall for India for sure at the end of the day indeed.
In the beginning of the knock out rounds, India felt confident, though Mr. Pant made it clear to his team that Germany is a tough opponent and would cause problems. His word came true in the match where Germany had almost stunned India but with managing a tie and 2 rounds to 1 and with help of the captain himself, India managed to defeat and move forward to Quarters. Here they faced Brazil which has been a tough opponent but somehow team’s experience came to effect and it became a one sided match with 3 rounds being won by India and they were off to the main knock outs. All that was required now a bit more patience and the excitement for the tournament was building more and feeling joy moments to come Mr. Pant and his team went back to their recital place around.
Yet, the captain and the team won’t have to worry the way they played the remaining main knock outs and though they did face a tough opponent like New Zealand in semi finals, it was a kind of cake walk with the central players of team coming forward and they were bashed from 4-0 which was amazing. Mr. Pant was told that after 3 tough tie breaker the home team Swedon has defeated Switzerland in the 2nd semi finals, and like he has guessed of home advantage for this rank no. 7 team in the world, they were going to meet India in the finals. Although again the vice captain and the team made it an easy walk for the team with bashing the home team with 4-0 in the finals and with loud cheers, crackers going up, and all gone to plan with great success, India has become the champions of the Stockholm Grand Quiz 2020 which was a great honour for the entire team around.
However the captan’s health started to degrade after the finals due to which he requested the head coach and vice captain to allow him to go back home which they did agree, He also requested nandi as standing captain to attend the presentation and bring home all the honours with the team for which the entire team agreed, the press confrence was requested by the captain to be faced in his absence and with all assured he went back to home. Here he went into his own local governmental hospital to test for Covid where with narrow margin he was find positive, he has been at home quarantine ever since, and is surely going to cherish the victory the team had in Stockholm in the field of quizzing. The captain is gratified to his country’s central government, the external affairs ministry and quiz foundation of India, hopefully in future the team will progress more further and he would recover well soon too, and till more such great moments come for now its cheers from charlie…

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