India the champions of quiz world cup 2020

After some happy memories spent in Gent and Mons, the Indian team was up for some serious challenge and to make sure that they will be able to play the better game, They travelled amidst all the safety taken to Antwerp and here they were going to face the world cup semi finals with world rank no. 2 team Norway in visually impaired circuit which was going to be lot of fun. A brief chat was discussed between the captain and the team, some vedio analyses were done including both of the team itself and the opponents, and after doing that all a press session was arranged where the entire team counted the moments til now and their preparations for the world cup semi finals for the time being. In this between some comedy also took place, the captain entertained a lot his team with the tilting coffee cup scene of Mons, and it was all joy and laughter in the team to keep its morale boosted up while the semi finals go well where should be no exchange of positions and all of the 8 players would be in show down.
In the semi finals, they were told of the different technical devices to be in use and this time it would be going to Sterio voice pro that has more rapid speed and to cope with it the teams on both sides were ready to play on and show their instincts. In the toss, Mr. Pant won it again and chose pass off side again, the opponent captain shook hands with him and the replacement of their position took place, and with a quick chat on the toss with the experts by both it was very soon going to be off being such a big match itself. Although social distancing was kept in check while the crowd gathered in and both captains expressed their concerns on the current illness of the world, the atmosphere won’t be as better than as expected and with huge whistles and loud crowd noise the semi finals of around 8 hour was off.
Once the match was off, India was up for the challenge posed by the experienced Norway team and they took advantage from the start making it a decent head start and at the end of the 1st round India has been able to take the lead of 40 points going up from 960 to 1000 and it was a great start for the team as the reserve players came to the party as well. In the second round, again Norway took some diversionary tactics and took the lead but it was not enough and India again became accurate as they took one more round keeping Norway behind from 950 to 1000 and this 90 point plus lead was enough to do the job. Although in the 3rd round Norway showed their best of speed but the tie of the round was the consolation of semi finals and India’s lead of 2 0 was enough to help them reach the finals of the world cup. With hands shakes all around, a photo session and best wishes for future the rank no. 2 team left the tournament wishing rank no. 3 to be the champions in the finals and play well.
Although the time was short again, things have to be moved faster and India have to leave Antwerp as soon as possible and move back to Belgian capital Brussels to face off in the finals that was confirmed as they have reached there has to be against the World Rank no. 1 team Switzerland and knowing how to play against in world cup matches they were up for the challenge. Before the finals, one more press confrence took place early sharp 4 A M and in gap of 1 hour the finals of around 9 hours would begin for which again the technology would change and although it will be with Headphones but speed would be more fast with Beed buzz pro like typing and speak on audio devices and for both teams it was extremely exciting. Mr. Pant made sure with his team to plans things according to situation, made sure that how to replace the positions like they have done in the semi finals against Norway, and knowing Zilens, the Swiss captain with her experience, Mr. Pant didn’t make much plans against opponents and got settled.
As the head coach’s whistle blew he had got ready with team entering into the packed hotel stands to be the part of such a great memory and stay still for a better effort. This time winning the toss he chose to have ‘face off’ using his experience of big matches into great effect and against such a tough opponent it was esential. In the first round Swiss took the led like Mr. Pant and Nandi ma’m has expected, but it was not enough to tackle the face off situation which was only benefitial in big stage, and at the end of it only by 10 scoring points swiss were left off behind which was close and there were many noises going all around. In the second round, again things went more tough and Swiss made a rapid round move which was effective but using it for longer time was energy consuming and knowing it well Mr. Pant and his central players came to cross putting Swiss backward and they lost the 2nd round also to 1000 to 970 at the end of it.
In the last round speed was deafening and only crowd noise was making it more fun, and Mr. Pant knew that it will go very close if they keep it such tight with the opponents getting in more pressure situation. And yet a feeling of calm joy was coming close as the round ended it in blinding speed India has left Swiss behind again by 1000 to 980 and despite being so close India has snatched the win from the best team of the world with shouts and craze all around the hotel stadium of Brussels. It was getting more noisy, Mr. Pant and Zielens ma’m were requesting the crowd to make sure the social distancing, and being so noisy and great to feel it was all happening so fast that it was only matter of time when India would feel the joy and with hand shakes all around, a quick photo session between India and Switzerland, it has happened once more as India becomes the champion of Quiz world cup 2nd time in the history of such tournament defeating Swiss from 3000 to 2940 in the finals itself.
After gap of about half an hour or so, the presentation ceremony took place in which Indian few players took the show with the Vice captain being awarded the lady of the tournament, Mr. Pant being awarded the leader of the tournament, Prassanna being awarded the player of the match and Jagdish being awarded by speedster of the match. Yet many other awards were to follow that included other members from other quiz countries that included special show for Ethopia, Great spirit for Canada, The rapid fire rise for Thailand, and Accurate round analytics for Brazil for sure. Also after the individulals were falicitated both the runner up braille watches and winner braille watches were distributed calling names of the players and their team management one by one both for Switzerland and India and it was a feeling of great pride for Mr. Pant as well.
Once that was done the runner up trophy was first given with the team check to FitPatrick ma’m and a donation for health fund for European blind community was done, the same followed suit for Mr. Pant with winners trophy who called his team mates to be on the stage and with all gone to great momentum it was all over from the world cup for India being successful in abroad again. For that Mr. Pant is gratified to Indian central government for their emergency travel agreement, Gratitude Belgian embassy and European union for their support, Extremely thankful to China for their volunteers, medical staff, charity groups and air travel emergency landing teams, and they all hope that it was great joy for all, till more such happy moments come for now its cheers from charlie…

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