India the champions of Asia Pacific nature quiz 2019

Thinking As a country representative, hoping to do well and to consider how far we can go, The team has started this jurney and as a captain I joined them on the first day after my award winning moment of Romania, but all we have being together was to live the moment once more, to cherish what we have done in past in Auckland and that became our core goal.
While our short sessions in the 1st day, our entertainment for each other and our trip to Moon beach what we did that we tried to find that light in our eyes to make sure that we stay with the game and make our commitment on the best.
Once the tournament would start we may find it easy to consider how to approach but as it hasn’t been happened yet so we kept ourselves busy with the plans to make, moves to come specially in bigger matches and assurances to do well also in the preliminary round that led us to a happy sleep so we could wake next day and face what is going to be on front of us.

However the first round was as always going to be braile round and here we usually did well from the beginning, and though our speed remained slow we did catch up, and it was great relief to be on the top four teams at the end of it and seeing us through as team we laughed a lot on our mistakes and pulled each other’s leg for the round coming next.
In the second league round we took on the oppurtunity to increase our speed, were able to locate why we had been lagging behind and with quick answer technique in team formation it ultimately resulted great at the end of it with we staying on number 2nd and going to face China in the semi final as knock out round with stage on mike answer procession.
Till the league rounds the momentum has been good, I have found my genuine cherriness back and with giving orders where to contain and how to pres forward it has been an acurate move to prosper and till the knock out round would come we could celebrate our performances in the open hot spots to visit and enjoy our impact.

The next day in early morning we wer going to face the semi finals and with knowing China’s performances in recent past with speed gone up we did have to plan tactically so during a short press meet we mentioned not to take the opponent lightly and smiled to each other while the group photos were on and having laughter all around.
Once entering the venue, introducing ourselves to the crowd and taking on the game it was lot more fun than we could have expected as China did give a brave fight in the first two rounds but in the next two had been struggling with pressure situations and with 3-0 at the end of the knock out match we had shouted all around being joyous to have reached the finals of the tournament second time.
It was not only our own joy, but all the people gathered, the crowd filling in and so many supporters have been alongside and now it was only one step further the glory we all have been willing to go for and we only hoped that we could do great against a formitable opponent like Japan with yetechie like captain in front of us known for his leadership and speed with his team done great so far in the tournament.

The final started in the evening according to New Zealand local time and we after being freshed due to some sleep and juices to fill our stomaches headed in the same cab for the second venue and like the earlier knock out round match we introduced ourselves as teams and breif performances and past face offs were presented in the presentation to show the teams in this era with their visually impaired quizzers on the move.
The finals was going to be of 4 hours with each round comprising of 1 hour with different fields like Nature, Science, Finance and International culture and each round would have 20 questions to face off which was a great competition.
We had some milk shakes on the podium before the match could start, a fair play speech by the reffery for the match got delivered and with bangs and boom of sound and cracker all around us with both teams’ name chanted the match was on and our impact on the show had begun.

Yet I knew it was not going to be easy to tackle with their speed and accuracy and somehow even starting behind Japan in the first round we managed to make it a tie.
In the second round Japan took advantage of their extra speed and we lost that round due to some wrong answers and passes and it was 0-1 till that time.
Although as captain i took the led and Nandi follow persuit in the 3rd round and we hit back on Japan with their captain getting lessser mike due to our speed and it was now 1-1 at the end of it.
In the last round it was building more cracker, despite again remaining behind we have hit back our answers right and the round has tied so the match for that time was 1-1 and it was now going to head for the tie breaker of 30 minute round each.
In the first tie breaker we again remained behind from 60-30 for a moment and then took the rapid speed to shock Japanese central command once again making it result in the form of one more tie.
As to that one more tie breaker round was announced of 30 minutes and here we didn’t allow Japan to rule with our speed and we had left them far behind from 90-30 and ended it with 90-60 finally reaching to the target and becoming the champions of the tournament for the 2nd time.

After the end of the match, we both captains shook each other hands, applauded our teams and with a group photo session the victors were asked to join in the gold watch receiving talley and the runners up to have silver watches to take as a momento of their participation and with that the presentation ceremony had geared on for the pure pleasure of it.
As a victorious captain I was also elated when my name was announced for ‘man of the match’ due to performing better in the ‘tie breaking process’ and after that the team check was handed over by chairman of New Zealand Quiz Academy to us and with crackers sounding up, lights spilled over and joy of hopes we went up to the stage and lifted the trophy making it a proud moment.
As a person first I am gratified to parents and family for allowing me to do my works freely, gratified to Indian Embassy, Indian External ministry and government for their support, and hence Can’t thank enough to all the people back home for support and those who came in huge numbers to witness the tournament it feels really pleased as a person and a performer to listen so many voices out.
Though, As a captain my duties for the tournament were up but I had some more tasks to do in Auckland before I leave the place so I helped other members to take the awards with them, insured them how to manage the whole sequence once I arrive and with hand shakes all around and promise of happy moments to come, For now it’s cheers from charlie, Thank you Auckland for your love and bliss…