Walking here
alone and despair
Looking around
But nobody’s there

I picked up my pen
Trying to write any words
many things inside my mind
But I don’t know how to start.

I took out my phone
To listen to a song
But it brings me to tears
I admit I am fear

Yes, I’m scared
That those who love me today
Will not love me
anymore someday

Scared that all my dreams
Will come crashing down on me
Scared that all my friends
Will leave me
When they have nothing more to get from me

Then I looked up
God was there
Sitting on his throne
Watching me day and night.
Now I’m no longer scared
For what tomorrow will bring
The fear subsided
To my God, I now cling

© Mari Felices


Wow. Love. :heart:

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Yes because HE is the ultimate authority and always there for us :heart:


Thank you @unknown_soul

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Thank you @Insta_Tahreerkashi🙂