I'll love you one day to leave you the next day

I’ll love you one day,
To leave you the next day
And to love you again
As i know you are dumb
To pull yourself out
Of the gardens of love
I’ll summon on the first day
And trap you inside
To raise pillars of doubts
On my emotions and promises
That you’ll have to fight
with your own Gods and demons
To trust me again or to die
I’ll make you doubt on yourself.

One day, I’ll love you
To lust your body
And make you bleed your estrogen
From your all of your depths
That i can have my own pleasures
Making your body a host, only;
You’ll be a fool to take it as love
To trust me like none
So i can leave you the next day
To kill you with your stains
Of my rusty traces.

I’ll love you one day
To leave you the next day
With your love and scars
With some memories and pain
To remind you of me
To curse me, to love me
That I’ll be away
From your embrace
To live in my own happiness
Letting you lone
To sleep with the dead
I’ll make you beg
Before the gods and angels
To have your smiles back
But I’ll be the one,
The thief of your everything
Mocking at a distance
As if I’ll be telling you
With me, don’t fall in love


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