If, unluckily,we bump into each other

Title:If,unluckily,we bump into each other
Written by :Muneeb Tahir
If, unluckily,we bump into each other, don’t exaggerate.Be laconic, convey your greetings and move on. Don’t exacerbate by adding fuel to the fire. When I am all done, don’t make futile effort of exploring the part of me that never existed. Owing to this co-incident, don’t call it a universal acknowledgement of rejoicing.Because for that,such universal conspiracy should happen at least more than thrice.As you are humble of being visionary and see green everywhere, don’t ruin your left over autumn in me.I just kept accumulating and over loaded barren land of my heart against no vacancy.The beneficent skies of yours may be everywhere. But when it comes to my destitute shelter,they rain hatred heavily for nothing and drives my sensitive soul to tears.
O my healer,give nepenthe or an anodyne to my philophobic soul that could curtail the sorrows of unrequited love.