If only we were colour blind

The hurt,The pain,
The feeling of being the undeserving, or
The inferior would disappear.
The unbearable feeling of not being good enough.The torture of being misunderstood, And what for?
Someone’s skin because they have a different tone? If only we were color blind
Since when did we become God?
When were we the judge of the legitimate or the illegitimate?
When did being white ever make us perfect?
White, black, or brown; we all make the same mistakes.
If only we were color blind…
If we were all color blind,
If everyone opened their hearts and made soul connections,
Loved unconditionally and unexclusively,
I feel like our world would be a better place.
If only…
The smirks and glares,
The hateful words,
The misconceptions and stereotypes,
The physical, mental, and spiritual battering people receive is unacceptable.
We should be color blind.
What does it feel like to be color blind?
Ask someone who looks past the appearance.
We cannot see the beauty of someone’s soul.
If we do not look past the outer layer of skin.
We should be color blind.
As a wise friend once told me,
“We are all pink underneath.”
Regardless of how strange that may sound, it is true
We all have the same innards.
We should love everyone.
We are all beautiful.
We are all deserving.
We are all destined for greatness.
Regardless of what we are taught,
We need to be color blind.


req that can go both ways.

You write so well

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